The Riesling

Our vineyards are located on steep and craggy slate slopes, which store the heat of the sun and protect from too severe frosts in winter. The soils are barren and profound and demand a lot from the Riesling vines. Riesling from the Middle Rhine is inimitable minerally and crispy and needs a skillful balance between acidity and flavor. The Riesling grape is the most important among the Middle Rhine wines.

Riesling Großes Gewächs

Riesling Großes Gewächs

The designation »Großes Gewächs«, analogous to the French Grand Cru, is used to classify dry wines from outstanding locations giving the wine a pronounced character and a unique fullness. Pay attention to bottles marked with a GG in the glass (see picture). To intensify the expressive power of the »Großes Gewächs« we reduce the yield. We cut out more than half of the grapes quite early in the year so that the flavor concentrates in the remaining grapes. Our »Großes Gewächs« labeled wines grow in the locations Engehöller Bernstein am Lauerbaum and Oberweseler Oelsberg.

World Heritage to Enjoy

A real rarity is our dry Riesling from the location Oberweseler In der Rheinhell. This small location in the Oberweseler Oelsberg bears more than 70 years old Riesling vines which belong to the oldest vines along the Middle Rhine. The minimal harvest of the old vines, influenced by the stony slate soil, the vintage and the vintner, presents us with extraordinary wines. The intensive flavors and the outstanding power make this wine a special ambassador for the wild and romantic beauty of the Upper Middle Rhine.

Edelsüß – Sweet wines

The German predicate »edelsüß« is a classification for selected sweet wines. It literally it means „nobly sweet” with the emphasis on noble! »Edelsüß« wines take a great deal of time-consuming work, intimate knowledge of the product and meticulous care, and a lot of patience as well. And the result is truly noble, a concentration of the finest and most beguiling aromas which are not overwhelmed by the sweetness but gently taken aloft by it. These special wines are the peak of the vintage and they are worth to be celebrated.

Pinot Noir Red wine

Red wine needs time. Our Pinot Noir vines are quite old and their roots reach very deep into the slate. We take especially care with the cultivation of the vines, and during the harvest we rigorously select the grapes. That brings off the characteristic aroma of the Pinot Noir, borne by the typical minerality of the Middle Rhine. Ruby-red in the glass, with a gentle smell, this wine is a perfect match for an evening with friends or your quality time.

Riesling is the unachievable main actor in our winery, amounting to 80% of our cultivation area. Our Pinot Noir has a long tradition, too. From the Pinot Noir grapes, we not only produce red wines, but Rosé wines as well. Additionally, we cultivate Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, as well as Müller-Thurgau and Dornfelder to complete our range.

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