Balsamico Vinegar Classic


60,40  / l

The tender acidity of the Balsamico Vinegar is accentuated by the aroma of honey and caramel with a scent of wood.

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The tender acidity of the balsamico vinegar is accentuated by the aroma of honey and caramel with a scent of wood.

Balsamico vinegar is a fermentation vinegar of boiled down grape must and comes originally from Italy. The dark color and the sour-sweet flavor are especially markable characteristics.
The intense aroma of the vinegar rises during a long maturing time in oak barrels. The longer the maturing time, the darker and chewier becomes the vinegar, because the water evaporates. The name Balsamico or balsamic vinegar comes from the balsam tree and its viscous balmy secretion.

Our Balsamico is versatile. It is suitable for salads and vegetables. In a vinaigrette with olive oil, salt and pepper it is the final touch on tomato with mozzarella. It is also a special kick in sauces and soups. Our try some fresh strawberries with a hint of Balsamico – just excellent!

Balsamico Vinegar Classic 6% S.

Ingredients: boiled down grape must, wine vinegar
German product

No added preservatives, sweeteners or thickeners

Additional information

Food value

100 ml contain on average:

Caloric value kj

1015 kj

Caloric value kcal

238 kcal


54 g

Davon Zucker

54 g


<1.0 g