Carl-Haag-Edition “Der Zehnerturm zu Oberwesel” Riesling semi-dry


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This Riesling scores with notes of local fruits, fresh and harmonious. The painting was realized by Carl Haag in 1850.

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Carl Haag Edition “The Zehner Tower at Oberwesel” Riesling semi-dry

Further information about Carl Haag Wine Edition “The Zehner Tower” at the Liebfrauen Church in Oberwesel painted in 1850 by Haag, when still a bridge led over the moat.

The International Carl Haag Society gets 35% of the proceeds.

If a whole region becomes a romantic myth, then the Middle Rhine wine must be the true gold of the Rhine. The semi-dry Riesling combines the floral scent of apricots, melon and quince. These underline its expressive and fresh acidity.

This wine is grown on the Engehoeller Goldemund vineyard. This is situated in a side valley of the Rhine and is therefore some 1.5 km from the Rhine. Like all the side valleys on the central Rhine, which are used for wine growing, the slopes face south or south east, which gives the vines plenty of hours of sunshine. The grapes all grow on steep slopes, so that there is a great deal of manual labor in the vines here.

Apart from the slate soil so typical of the central Rhine area, there are also thin layers of quartzite as well as a high percentage of clay. The location is predestined for Riesling vines. The characteristics of the soil mean that it is not the minerals in the slate that dominate the wine, but the fruitiness. The location gives the Riesling its special clarity, freshness and the typical aroma of native fruits.

The fresh and fruity Riesling goes well with poultry dishes such as chicken and turkey. We are inspired by the flavors, so that several recipe ideas come to our mind. How about a side dish of subtly caramelized and steamed quince with hearty fennel seed?

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