2022 Oberwesel Pinot noir Blanc de Noir semi-dry


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VDP.Ortswein (village)

Intensive green apple and citrus fruits, enjoyable and fresh – for a perfect summer evening.

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The semi-dry Pinot noir Blanc de noir indulges the senses with the fresh flavours of green apple and citrus fruits. The pleasant residual sugar and the lovely drinkability whet your appetite for a second glass.

The Pinot Noir is regarded as a very demanding grape variety and is therefore only grown in the most suitable vineyards. Opposite the Schoenburg castle near Oberwesel lies the vineyard Engehoeller Bernstein in the side valley of the Rhine. The wine is grown here on steep slopes. The slate soils dominate the ground. In our Pinot Noir locations there is also clay over the Hunsrueck slate. This is clay, which has arisen from the middle terraces of the Rhine. This type of soil is very beneficial for Pinot Noir wines. Pressing the red grapes immediately, no colors of the skin get to the wine. The result is an intensively flavored and fruity Blanc de noir wine.

The semi-dry wine corresponds to various dishes and balances also a delicate spiciness, such as from ginger, as needed. It fits splendidly to the light modern kitchen and is harmonious with Asian food. There is nothing wrong with simply enjoying it alone, too. The Blanc de noir is a gorgeous variant of the actually red Pinot noir.

Our food recommendation:

Cauliflower curry



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11.5 %vol.