Riesling Mustard Jar


39,20  / kg

Medium-strength and sweet combined with freshness. Smart to spice up meat and sausages or fish.

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The Riesling mustard is lightly sweet and medium-strength. The Riesling brings a nice freshness, which rounds perfectly the interplay between sweetness and spiciness. This mustard refines every meat, cold roast beef, hearty sausages as well as game. It can also be a smart flavor kick with fish or in sauces and dressings. Maybe try a fried filet of pike perch with mustard sauce.

The Riesling mustard is made for us in the mustard mill of the Bethesda-St. Martin Charity. The mustard and oil mill is part of the „Rheinwerkstatt Boppard“, an approved sheltered workshop (§ 219 SGB IX).

Ingredients: 24% yellow mustard, 6% brown mustard, 1,5% vol. Riesling, vinegar, honey, salt and spices

Additional information

Food value

100ml contain on average:

Caloric value kj

610.7 kj

Caloric value kcal

145.9 kcal


4.1 g


18.9 g


8.1 g