Riesling Sekt brut


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Animating and classy sparkling wine with a fresh and fruity flavor. Traditional bottle fermentation, hand-riddled.

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The Riesling Sekt Brut is a sparkling wine with a delicate perlage. The fine bubbles arise in the glass like a long bead chain. The flavor is marked by the typical fruit varieties of the Riesling. The characteristic acidity gives the sparkling wine an animating freshness. This sparkling wine is harmonious rounded by a subtle residual sweetness. That makes it an exciting and classy companion for an extraordinary evening.

For our sparkling wine we use only the best base wine. The Riesling as the most popular grape in Germany demands a lot from the soil and climate of its location. The sun kissed vineyards around Oberwesel provide perfect conditions. This sparkling wine made of Riesling grapes unites the extraordinary terroir with the experience and passion of the winemaker Jörg Lanius. The sparkling wine is produced in the same way like the famous Champagne by a traditional bottle fermentation. Every bottle is hand-riddled and therefore unique. The characteristic flavors of the Riesling are maintained and give the unique taste to our sparkling wine.

Whether its New Year’s Eve, a party, a girl’s night or a brunch with friends – when the joy is overflowing a glass of our Riesling Sekt Brut is the perfect companion!

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12.0 % vol.