Testing bundles vintage 2023

The new vintage is bottled and and in this package we offer you 6 different wines that represent this harmonious vintage. The highlights are traditionally, and this year as well our Rieslings, which show from estate to village to the vineyard-specific wines the whole spectrum of exotic or even tropical fruits.

The box contains 6 different wines:

VDP.Gutswein 2023 Lanius-Knab Riesling dry VDP.Ortswein 2023 Rheinschiefer Riesling dry VDP.Ortswein 2023 Rheingold Riesling semi-dry VDP.Gutswein 2023 Our Summer Wine semi-dry VDP.Ortswein 2023 Oberweseler Pinot Noir Rosé semi-dry VDP.Gutswein 2023 Lanius-Knab Riesling mild

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