Wine tasting with vineyard tour

Wine tasting with vineyard tour

The steep vineyards of the Middle Rhine have been fascinating people for centuries. The strict order of the vines, planted in perfect lines, gives the rough rock formation a particular appearance. Crested by a protective castle, the romantic town of Oberwesel alongside the majestic Rhine presents us with a fantastic panorama. Amidst this adorable scenery the wines of the Lanius-Knab Winery are growing.

Visit our vineyards and savor how various the flavor of the locations is. Furthermore, you get an insight into the work at the vineyard from January to December. Back at the winery you will taste wines from our different locations as well as different quality grades. This extraordinary wine tasting and the gorgeous landscape of our vineyards will be memorable for a long time.

When? every Thursday, 3.30 p.m.

What price? 25.00 Euro per person

How to book?
+49 (0)6744 / 8104 or

Individual appointments are possible by arrangement. Flat rate for 2 – 4 person 100.00 Euro, every additional person plus 25.00 Euro

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