2019 Engehöller Bernstein Am Lauerbaum Auslese sweet


72,00  / l

VDP.Grosse Lage (grand cru)
Auslese (selected grapes)

Opulent fruits and minerality, exquisite sweetness and acidity perfectly matched. A star with a bright future!

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The sweet Auslese from the cadaster location „Am Lauerbaum” is ripe and elegant. The intensive scent of dried apricots, dates and vineyard peaches is playing with the delicate note of cherry blossom. The interaction between sweetness and acidity makes the wine appear fresh despite the high density. The full-bodied impression is topped by an interesting minerality.

The VDP.GROSSE LAGE designation is reserved for Germany’s best vineyards. The sites are clearly delineated parcel for parcel. This wine from selected grapes is grown in the Engehöller Bernstein. Here the soil is dominated by brown and grey slate and provides the minerality in this Riesling. The adept recognizes that by the elegance and the typical peach flavor of the wine.

Opposite the Schönburg castle in a side valley of the Rhine the vineyard is facing south-east and the grapes are allowed to soak up the sun. To be precise this wine descends from the cadaster location „Am Lauerbaum”. This is the centerpiece of the Engehöller Bernstein. This location has been known as one of the three best vineyard locations of the Upper Middle Rhine since the classification of vineyards determined by the Prussians in 1803.

The feature of the cadaster location is that it is situated in a basin. Due to the southern position the grapes benefit from a lot of sun and ripen to elite level.

The high quality and acidity structure gift this intense and dense Riesling the beginning of a great future.

You should discover by yourself, whether you prefer this sweet wine just alone or accompanied by a dessert. We recommend a fruity sweet like an apricot wine crème. Or try it with some strong cheese.

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Alcohol content

9.0% vol.