2022 Oberweseler Oelsberg Riesling fruity


26,40  / l

VDP.Große Lage (grand cru)
Spätlese (late-harvest grapes)

The grapes for this fruity and smooth Riesling were allowed to soak up the sun in our best vineyard. A real delicacy!

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A special enjoyment with this wine:
Saint Domingue Orange
Dark chocolate
70% cocoa content
Fruity southern flavours, exotically paired with orange peel and refined with brittle. Recommended by chocolatier Eberhard Schell.



The grapes for our Oberweseler Oelsberg were allowed to soak up the sun in our best vineyard for a long time in the season of 2022. The golden berries donate the wine a fine fruit with mellow flavors and a pleasant spiciness. It is soft and succulent, with a well-integrated acidity and high density. A premium wine and delicacy!

The VDP.GROSSE LAGE designation is reserved for Germany’s best vineyards. The sites are clearly delineated parcel for parcel.

This wine descends from a special location, Oberweseler Oelsberg. On steep slopes with up to 75% incline the vines are growing right on the Rhine. The hard handwork in the slopes guarantee a high quality.

The soil of the Oelsberg is marked by its intermingling of slate, loess clay and variegated sandstone. With a microclimate predestined to grow Riesling here develops a powerful wine with a pronounced sovereignty. The Riesling from the Oelsberg is marked by a great scent and an overwhelming character. It is less minerally rather smooth and abundant, with exotic fruit flavors and spicy notes foregrounded.

The semi-sweet Oberweseler Oelsberg is a broadly applicable food companion. Who thinks that game dishes match only with red wines, will be convinced of the opposite after enjoying it with this Riesling. It is especially harmonious with young deer or wild boar. The pleasant sweetness and piquancy are easily matching to flavorful food.

The Riesling could suit with a matured cheese like Parmesan or some sweet dishes just as well.

Our food recommendation:

Fried goat cheese in bacon coat



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8.5 % vol.