Carl-Haag-Edition “Der Rote Turm zu Oberwesel” Pinot noir Rosé dry


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The Rosé remembers the blooming spring with an exotic hint. The painting of the Red Tower with flags was realized in 1872.

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Carl Haag Edition “The Red Tower at Oberwesel” Pinot noir Rosé dry

Further information about Carl-Haag Wine Edition: The Red Tower, decorated with flags, was created in 1872. Haag donated the picture to Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter Vicky for her 32nd birthday.

The International Carl Haag Society gets 35% of the proceeds.

The dry Pinot Noir Rosé is a real charmer. The full-blooded salmon-pink flirts with the observer. But it would be a crying shame to only look at this wine. It has a seductive scent of spring flowers. An exotic hint is added by pomegranate and marzipan and delicate tannins give it a pleasant spice. The taste is playfully tangy, fruity and aromatic.

The Pinot Noir is regarded as a very demanding grape variety and is therefore only grown in the most suitable vineyards. Opposite the Schoenburg castle near Oberwesel lies the vineyard Engehoeller Bernstein in the side valley of the Rhine. The wine is grown here on steep slopes. The slate soils dominate the ground. In our Pinot Noir locations there is also clay over the Hunsrueck slate. This is clay, which has arisen from the middle terraces of the Rhine. This type of soil is very beneficial for Pinot Noir wines. The result is a full-bodied Pinot Noir, which, thanks to early removal of the pulp, becomes a fresh and intensively tasting and delicately spiced rosé wine.

Rosé wines are popular as ideal summer wines. The hot summer of 2019 has given the wine a sunny character and an unmistakable aroma. It is a perfect wine for summer salads and Mediterranean dishes! The spicy tone will be sealed in by the dry Pinot Noir Rosé. For example, salad with a pomegranate/balsamic dressing is a good addition to your meal.

Wine growers Lanius Knab of Oberwesel are proud of their high quality and wines with a strong character.

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