Carl-Haag-Edition “Der Wirthssohn vom Pfropfenzieher” Pinot noir Red wine dry


19,33  / l

Fragrance of cherries and plums. Carl Haag sketched the son of the host of the ancient inn “Goldener Pfropfenzieher” in 1850.

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Carl Haag Edition “The Ladlord´s Son of golden cork Screw” Pinot noir Red Wine dry

Further information about the Carl-Haag Wine Edition: In 1850 Haag painted the son of his Oberwesel host Louis D’Avis of the inn “Goldener Pfropfenzieher” (Golden Corkscrew).

The International Carl Haag Society gets 35% of the proceeds.

The dry Pinot Noir has an intense red color and smells just as cherries, raspberries and plums. Add to that a fine scent of Mediterranean herbs. A pleasant smoky note and well-integrated, soft tannins round off the balanced red wine.

Pinot Noir is considered a very demanding grape variety and is therefore grown only in the most suitable vineyard site. Opposite the Schoenburg castle near Oberwesel lies the vineyard location Engehoeller Bernstein in the side valley of the romantic Rhine. The wine is grown here in steep rows. The slate geologically dominates the ground. In our Burgundy locations there is also a clay overlay over the Hunsrueck schistose. This is clay, which has sprung from the middle terraces of the Rhine. This type of soil is very beneficial to the Burgundy wine. The result is an intense and full-bodied Pinot Noir.

The wine was aged in large, 40-year-old oak barrels. It was allowed to mature six months. Under oxygen influence developed its balanced, soft and complex aroma with the delicate smoky note.

The dry Pinot Noir is a sophisticated accompaniment to hearty meals. It goes very well with roasted venison with Brussels sprouts and finger-shaped potato dumplings. Of course, the meat should be served with a sauce of Pinot Noir. We recommend seasoning with a high quality and freshly ground black pepper.
Or try a glass of this red wine in the evening together with a piece of fine dark chocolate. You will be amazed how the wine develops in combination with chocolate with at least 70 per cent cocoa!

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Alcohol content

12.5 % vol.