2022 Engehöller Bernstein GG Riesling dry


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VDP.Große Lage “Großes Gewächs”

A basket of exotic fruits, honey and herbs followed by a strong minerality with infinite length.

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This dry Riesling GG from the cadaster location „Am Lauerbaum” appears lightly golden in the glass. Swaying it, it flows quite slow because of its high density. The intensive scent of blossom honey is framed by vineyard peach and piquant-sweet herbs. On the palate the Riesling reminds ripe pineapple. The juicy fruit flavor is accentuated by a pleasant piquancy. An absolute harmony with a long finish! A real prime wine from the Middle Rhine.

The VDP.GROSSE LAGE designation is reserved for Germany’s best vineyards. The sites are clearly delineated parcel for parcel. A dry wine from a VDP.GROSSE LAGE is allowed to be named “Großes Gewächs”, short GG.

This GG wine is grown in the Engehöller Bernstein. Here the soil is dominated by brown and grey slate and provides the minerality in this Riesling. The adept recognizes that by the elegance and the typical peach flavor of the wine.

Opposite the Schönburg castle in a side valley of the Rhine the vineyard is facing south-east and the grapes soak up the sun. To be precise this wine descends from the cadaster location „Am Lauerbaum”. This is the centerpiece of the Engehöller Bernstein. This location has been known as one of the three best vineyard locations of the Upper Middle Rhine since the classification of vineyards determined by the Prussians in 1803.

The feature of the cadaster location is that it is situated in a basin. Due to the southern position the grapes benefit from a lot of sun and ripen to elite level.

The rich and complex Riesling has an excellent storage capability, because of its especially high quality and a distinct acidity structure. The vintage of 2022 is aging fine and it is still juvenile. This wine is a delightful treat already, but with its aging potential it can easily be stored for the next 20-25 years in the wine cellar to expect its grand finale.

With its spicy-sweet full aroma this wine is a suitable companion for sophisticated dishes. Just try the combination with strong meat dishes like beef fillet with olive crust or fallow deer breaded with herbs and hazelnut. It can also accompany a beef roast. We recommend to serve it with potato pralines and young leeks as a side dish.

This wine is also delicious with some aromatic cheese. Or dedicate yourself just to this prime wine and enjoy it pure!

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