2021 Engehöller Bernstein Pinot noir Red wine dry


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VDP.Erste Lage (premier cru)

Sweet-smokey scent of black currant. Blackheart cherries and mellowed tannins, just irresistible!

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The dry Pinot noir from the location Engehöller Bernstein is a wine with its own history of the vintage. In the glass it appears dark ruby red. The fragrance is pure cassis! The black currant is accentuated by delicate notes of blackheart cherries. The high density of this Pinot noir is perceptible already in the smell. On the palate spreads out the ample harmony, shaped by the mellow fruit and an enjoyable tannin structure. The Pinot noir is minerally and pleasantly astringent at the same time. Lightly warming it affords a long finish. Harmonious but not boring at all!

Pinot Noir is considered a very demanding grape variety and is therefore grown only in the most suitable vineyard site. Opposite the Schoenburg castle near Oberwesel lies the vineyard location Engehöller Bernstein in the side valley of the romantic Rhine. The wine is grown here in steep rows. The slate geologically dominates the ground. In our Burgundy locations there is also a clay overlay over the Hunsrueck schistose. This is clay, which has arisen from the middle terraces of the Rhine. This type of soil is very beneficial to the Burgundy wine. The result is an intense and full-bodied Pinot Noir. The grapes for this wine descend from 30-year-old vines – that means in the best age. In favor of the best possible quality, we reduce the yield with very complex handwork. After the hot summer of 2019 we gave the grapes for the Pinot noir more time to ripe on the vines. Without getting overripe the grapes evolved the potential for the intensive flavor. For the first time we harvested the Pinot noir later than the Riesling – even four weeks later than its smaller brother, the Oberweseler Pinot noir.

This wine was matured in big 40-years-old oak barrels. In these barrels the wine developed its harmonious and complex aroma under the influence of oxygen. The summer of 2021 brought us even higher temperatures than 2019 and so came about another extraordinary Pinot noir, which is already enjoyable now.

The dry Pinot noir merits to be a companion of powerful food. Why don’t you treat yourself with a glass of it while you are cooking? When you smell its fragrance of cassis in your kitchen, you will hardly resist.

Our food recommendation:


Back of venison with mashed potato and celery served with a lamb’s lettuce


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