2021 Winkel Pinot noir Red wine dry Rheingau


18,40  / l

VDP.Ortswein (village)

The dry Winkel Pinot noir scents of raspebberies and morello cherries – just amazing!

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This Pinot noir red wine is grown in the location Winkler Hasensprung in the Rheingau region.

Rheingau? How can a vineyard in the Rheingau belong to a winery at the Middle Rhine? This vineyard appertained to the family of Anja Lanius-Kastien and it was her grandfather Nikolaus to plant the Pinot Noir vines here in 1988.

In the wine cultivation area of the Rheingau the brown hare is quite common, but in the location Hasensprung the population must have been fiercely high. That’s why this fertile location is named by these fertile animals.

The Hasensprung begins at the eastern town exit of Johannisberg, in the Ansbach valley up to the castle Vollrads. The slope is facing south to south-east. The soils are multilayered with profound loess as well as flat grit and loess clay. The vines in the upper area soak up the sun and the west wind helps just as the cool air coming to the valley in the evening to grow healthy grapes. The various microclimate and the fertile ground composition bring out wines with an eminent fruitiness and an elegant acidity.

Even Goethe appreciated wines from the Winkler Hasensprung.

Our Winkel Pinot noir has a nice note of raspberries and morello cherries. Herbal with a great piquancy. An amazing Pinot noir red wine for long and cozy evenings.

Our food recommendation:


Deer steak with Caponata and rosemary potatoes

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Alcohol content

12.0 % vol.