2022 Oberwesel Pinot blanc dry


15,07  / l

VDP.Ortswein (village)

Scent of sweet fruits and herbaceous mint followed by a great freshness – smooth and long lasting.

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Chocolatier Eberhard Schell recommends
Criollo Maracaibo
Dark chocolate 70 % cocoa content
Fine layer cocoa from Venezuela.




The new Pinot blanc appears in all facets, with a delicate texture and a thrilling tension. The first scent is mango, tangerine and quince. Warming it develops a fresh and piquant aroma with a tender herbal note, brioche dough and a subtle nut flavor. The delicate finish makes the balmy Pinot very delightful.

Our Pinot blanc was harvested from 15-years-old vines grown in the Engehoeller Goldemund. In this location, apart from the slate soil so typical of the central Rhine area, there are also thin layers of quartzite as well as a high percentage of clay. The high clay content in the soil matters that it is not the minerals in the slate that dominate the wine, but the fruitiness. The location gives the wine its special clarity, freshness and the typical aroma of native fruits and above all hints of citrus.

The dry Pinot blanc suits perfectly the light summer kitchen or grillables. The full flavor of the wine is harmonious with roasting flavor, without being too heavy for high temperatures. That makes it a distinct choice to its red relative.

Our food recommendation:

Cannelloni filled with spinach and ricotta


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0.75 l

Alcohol content

13% vol.