Middle Rhine Goat Bratwurst


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The Middle Rhine Goat Bratwurst is perfect for a snack.
A treat to protect our landscape.

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The Middle Rhine goat bratwurst is made from the meat of the African Boer Goat. The taste is good and proper. It is perfect for a snack in the afternoon or an early dinner. A treat to protect our landscape.

But how are connected landscape maintenance and grazing? That is very simple:

In consequence of the closure of valuable vine areas and meadow orchards the appearance of the landscape changes a lot. Our duty is to preserve the more than 2000 years old cultural landscape. Grazing is a gentle way of landscape maintenance. Fallow areas that are already heavily overgrown are released again. The African Boer Goat is particularly suitable for that purpose. This goat breed was proven successful in the Middle Rhine region in the last years.

The goats are lovely with their white coat and a brown head and watching the playing goatlings is adorable. In order to limit the size of the goat herds, selected animals are marketed. Well-known local butchers produce the goat bratwurst.

Content: 200 g

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Goat meat (100%), salt, spices