Oberweseler Oelsberg Riesling Trester (pomace brandy)


35,80  / l

A nice digestive from our best vineyard.

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Riesling Trester is a brandy from the pomace. We distill it gently and traditionally twice from our best grapes out of the best vineyard. Then it is expanded and stored in a carboy. Very mild and sleek finish – the perfect digestive.

Filled without any added sugar.

Pomace brandy, Grappa in Italy, Marc in France, Orujo in Spain or Raki in Greece, is distilled from the grape pomace. The challenge of the production is that for the pomace brandy is not used a fluid, rather a quite solid substance. The pomace has to be removed with difficulty by hand from the distillery.

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0.5 l

Alcohol content

40.0 % vol.