Grape Seed Oil


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Our Grape Seed Oil is colored bright green, the aroma is lightly nutty.

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Our grape seed oil is colored bright green, the aroma is lightly nutty.

In dips and dressings, the flavor of our grape seed oil shows off perfectly. Furthermore, the body organism can utilize better salads eaten with grape seed oil and the active ingredients are gathered easier. It is the same with bread and pasta.

Grape seed oil is also very suitable for roasting because it is higher heatable than other fine oils. Meat and fish remain especially moist and roasted potatoes become crispy without soaking the fat. The nutty taste of the oil rounds up a lot of delicate dishes.

Ingredients: Grape seed oil 100%, made from grape seeds
German product

The bottle contains 500 ml.

Additional information

Food value

100ml contain on average:

Caloric value kj

3404 kj

Caloric value kcal

828 kcal


92 g

Saturated fatty acids

9 g


19 g


64 g


thereof sugar