2022 Oberweseler Oelsberg GG Riesling dry


50,67  / l

VDP.Große Lage “Großes Gewächs”

Mellow apricots, blood orange, intensive herbal spice and a complex minerality. An aromatical adventure for a special moment!

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This young Riesling GG offers an amazing variety of fruit flavors evolving in the glass. The fragrance iridizes between notes of exotic and local fruits. It reminds grapefruit and orange as well as vineyard peach and apple. The juicy impression, a piquant opulence and a lively acidity structure give it a thrilling temperament on the palate. This is brought to perfection by an impressive length with a silky glaze.

The VDP.GROSSE LAGE designation is reserved for Germany’s best vineyards. The sites are clearly delineated parcel for parcel. A dry wine from a VDP.GROSSE LAGE is allowed to be named “Großes Gewächs”, short GG.

This GG wine descends from our best location, Oberweseler Oelsberg. On steep slopes with up to 75% incline the vines are growing right on the Rhine. The soil is marked by its intermingling of slate, loess clay and variegated sandstone. With a microclimate predestined to grow Riesling vines here develops a powerful wine with a pronounced sovereignty. The Riesling from the Oelsberg is marked by a great scent and an overwhelming character. It is less minerally rather smooth and abundant, with exotic fruit flavors and spicy notes foregrounded.

The vintage of 2022 is already ripe and a real treat. The rich Riesling has an excellent storage capability, because of its especially high quality and a distinct acidity structure. With its aging potential it can easily be stored for 20-25 years in the wine cellar.

It is up to you whether you prefer to consciously enjoy this wine pure or combine it with delicious food. This full-bodied aromatic Riesling with spicy-fruity notes suits ideally to strong meat dishes.

Our food recommendation:

Duck breast à l’orange with sage polenta

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Alcohol content

14.5% vol.